[generic] Fria Ligan to publish Adventures in Middle-earth


The Guvnor
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Maybe all the files and materials are being transferred to Fria Ligan ... are Sophisticated Games the copyright holders?


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Depends if Sophisticated Games has a similar arrangement to FFE. If you surrender or have a Traveller licence sunset then the copyright material reverts to Marc Miller.
To chip in way late:
The licensing chain for Middle-earth games lives with Sophisticated Games. Cubicle 7 licensed from them to make the rpgs. C7 did all the production, distribution etc to make the rpg products. (Some people online don't understand this.)

The new agreement with Fria Ligan is to produce new versions of The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth, using the same rules systems. It's slightly surprising they can re-use the names, but it looks like they have some rights there, and it looks like Francisco Nepitello has rights to his basic rules text (or is able to redo it for a new lot of work for hire). I imagine there's some complexity around whether they can access the writing, art, etc that went into existing books. One would -expect- all that resides with C7 and will be lost.

But fundamentally we'll have to wait and see.