Furnace Furnace burning bright


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Hooray it's Furnace!
I have three games planned over the weekend and I'm really looking forward to playing all of them.
Is there anywhere we can hangout between games is the Mitchester Arms open?

Our Discord server stands by to serve:

Who is playing from the under stairs cupboard so as to recreate the joy of playing in one of the cells?

Do any gm's need any last-minute players?
A big thank you to all - organisers, GMs and players.

A fun introduction to Dune, GMed very adeptly by Remi. We were reasonably competent until near the end, when we almost let the would-be assassins escape. I liked the system, so I now have a hankering to buy the game and to re-read the first novel.

Next was Alien/Event Horizon crossover, with Darran racking up the tension nicely. Surprisingly we had zero fatalities amongst the crew, despite the screaming panic which most of us suffered.

On Sunday morning I ran Hack the Planet, where the PCs defeated a rival motorcycle gang by a mixture of sharp shooting, parkour and secretly filming them and dobbing them in to both the police and a mob of pitchfork-wielding locals. (Actual pitchforks may vary). It was entertaining to run and I hope I got the gist of the system across to the players who had never encountered Forged in the Dark before.

Finally, Graham ran Scheherazade, with oodles of Arabian Nights shenanigans to keep up the pace and amuse us: evil sorcerors, genies, flying carpets, spilled melon stalls during chases through the market, etc. One player was running a dual character - a human and his intelligent camel, which seemed like a neat idea. I was running the Prince of superb sword skill and not much brains. I think the camel turned out to be smarter than the Prince! :)


The Guvnor
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I had a great time in Graham's Mythic Syria game and then in Lynn's Wuxia Fate epic. I even popped to FnordCon in the gaps for some panels on TFT and Munchkin.

Thanks one and all.