Furnace Furnace XV Registrations now OPEN

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I am delighted to open Furnace XV for registrations! We are online over the weekend of 10th/11th October with 4 sessions of fantastic tabletop roleplaying games. The convention is free to attend. I'm rather looking forward to it!


Furnace is an annual tabletop roleplaying game convention that usually takes place in Sheffield UK, held at the Garrison Hotel. This year, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Furnace will be held online, in UK GMT, and is available for global attendance. As we are online, the convention is completely free of charge. If you love tabletop RPGs then you’ll love Furnace. Over our award winning gaming weekend there will be a schedule of four gaming slots, packed with high quality games run by some of the best Gamemasters in the country (because we say so).

Register by following the link on our Registration Page.

If you would like to GM a game or two over the weekend, please pop over to our Games Page for more instructions.

We run a welcoming and inclusive series of conventions that attract a wide spectrum of people, united in their love of tabletop RPGs. It is important to us that all of our delegates are respectful of others, accepting of the diversity that we bring and that we provide a fun gaming environment in which everyone can feel safe and enjoy themselves. Everyone involved in Furnace and our other conventions must abide by our Harassment and Inappropriate Conduct Policy.

Read here more https://furnace.org.uk/
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I'll need to think what to run and what technology to use.
I'd hoped that we would be able to meet up at the Garrison, but I'm not surprised that we have to keep to a virtual con.


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I've signed up, as I enjoyed the North Star virtual con. It's a shame that I live so far away from the Garrison, otherwise I would attend every Con there.

I've already decided on the scenario I would love to run.

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D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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64 attendees so far with more incoming. 12 virtual tables mostly full with more incoming.

It's going to be brilliant. Must firm up my game choices.