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I played in a game with Roll20 at North Star run by Nathan. I've spoken to a number of people about Roll20. Whatever system I use I'll need to practice in august / September. At the moment I'm thinking of running more theatre of the mind using hangouts or similar.
I saw your Stormbringer game and smiled. Unfortunately, I cannot play in that slot. Doh!

I prefer Roll20 and I think have finally got my head around the software. Next time I won’t use floor plans for my Fate games. I’ll use images to define zones instead. You can easily use just voice and video, and screen share pictures for locations or what NPCs look like. I have played in many successful online games that just involve sharing images and the theatre of the mind.


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My Slot 2 game is as follows:

A Wicked Secret
3 to 5 player

A plea for assistance has been received by the Society for Studies of the Invisibles and Protection of Mankind from the logging magnate August Von Meijer, with an offer of payment that will help restore the crumbling headquarters of Castle Gyllencreurtz in Upsala. You have been selected for the expedition to the remote village of Färnsta, deep within the nothern Swedish forests, to find out what events have caused a man to have his mind shatters and his colleague to have disappeared. You travel there with faith in your heart, some knowledge of the supernatural and vaesen, and the gift of the sight.

Tags: Adult themes, Nordic, Horror, Violence, Cults.
(It's a horror scenario. Bad things will happen to bad and good people. There is no PVP or hidden agendas for characters from my side.)