[none] Garrison Conventions Website Migration

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
Staff member

The websites for Revelation, North Star, Furnace (and Wordplay Games) are all moving to a new hosting company over the next week or so. I couldn't put up with the lack of resolution from Servage any longer.

Apologies for the disruption to registration and some other information, we should be over all that soon. I am collecting email addresses from Paypal for our email distribution list, with thanks to those who gave permission. Once everything has settled down we will start to use the email list as another channel to give you news on these conventions. Sign up for mailing lists are also on the registration pages of these sites, but they haven't been easily accessible.

Meantime - come along to North Star if you haven't yet signed up, it's going to be a great weekend of SF RPGing at our favourite venue.