[generic] GDPR is coming.. GDPR is coming..


The Guvnor
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GDPR is coming.. GDPR is coming..
[sung in the style of the Coke Xmas advert]

We shall be upgrading the BBS to the new version of XenForo tonight.
This will allow us to trigger a whole bunch of changes to support the GDPR [you may not have heard of that, right? LOL.]

Key will be that at some time you will have to re-consent to using the BBS with the new terms, rules and privacy policy.
Your avatar may need sorting out since we shall no longer support Gravatar.

So, don't be surprised if
a: there is intermittent service Thursday and Friday.
b: your avatar has or will disappear and need re-uploading.
c: you need to re-consent to a new set of terms, rules and privacy policy.

Other background and data stuff will be detailed in the privacy policy..

Hugs before the doors close..

The Management..