Furnace GM submissions open for Furnace


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It is the most exhilarating and rewarding experience you can do in this hobby.
Just ensure you have a firm grasp of the rules, interesting NPCs, and an engaging scenario.
Is Evil Gaz's advice still around somewhere? That was always worth a read.

My advice is that if you do write pre-gens, give them a reason in their backgrounds to spark off each other. I'm not advocating PVP, but you can give them a steer on how they get on. A couple of hooks mean that the players tend to engage in more. Of course, some of the more modern games do this by design (e.g. bonds, relationships etc).
Done - can you confirm how many players that you're thinking of?
Always 2-6

Saturday “Lock Stock and Over a Barrel” Manifold Eaat End Crime (always a blast)

Sunday “The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes” The Code of Steam and Steel - went so well at 7hills. Deserves another play.

Though I reserve the right to swap them out prior to prebooking if the muse strikes.

Thanks for this!
My games for Furnace 2019.

‘On Cloud Nine and Golden Sunshine’
Tales from the Loop RPG
Saturday Afternoon slot.
For up to seven players. Newbies welcome!
There is a big celebration in Derby at the launch of the brand new Gauss Freighter “Cloud Nine”. It means a new class of Magnetrine Ship powered by a Gravitron reactors manufactured locally providing jobs and economic success. But when were strange echo spheres strategically placed on the vessel?
Tags: Player-led, Sci-Fi (Alt-History), Nostalgia Play, No Pre-gens, Rules-lite, Newbie Friendly, Musical Accompaniment.

‘Three’s Company’
Alien RPG
Saturday Evening slot.
For up to seven players. Newbies welcome!
Wey-Yu - In space, everyone has a job to do, a reason for working here.
To the company your are an asset, a vital cog in the machine, a significant dollar value, an expenditure on a spreadsheet.
Yet when we come in that is all forfeit.
We are an expensive solution to that vital bottomline. Why are you making this so costly?

Tags: 18+, Alien, Hidden Agendas, Horror, Player-Led, Pre-Gens, Sci-Fi, Spaceships with Ashtrays, Fria Ligan,
So I see this thread in “New Posts” and think “Is it THAT time already?” Start thinking of what I might run. Open the thread. See the date. Think I’ve missed the submission deadline. Then find I submitted gsmes weeks ago.

Getting old.
DramaSystem, which I’m adopting, is all about that which is why I thought it might be perfect 😊
Just keep in mind that you're running in a 3-hour slot, which is a really good reason to either have pre-gens or a very focused and short at-the-table character generation. I could be wrong, but I thought DramaSystem took a little while to create characters...