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First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
Staff member
Missing in Queltarch District
Slot 3
Up to 6 Players
Wordplay 2

Only lovely things happen in well to do, privately gated, Queltarch by the River. This is entirely by expensive design. Ritual fetes, virtuous religious ceremonies, society dances, fine arts, and an endless swirl of romance filled noble parties, laced with carefully licenced sybaritic sorceries. Nothing punctuates the perfect veneer of ancient tranquillity and everlasting privilege.

Tales of greed, ancient madness, carelessly destructive magic, murderous duelling and other horrors are, of course, the jealous speculation of the tawdry underclasses of less deserving districts of Great Dramaguhl.

An unlikely gilded invitation to the multi-tiered manse of Lord Alsace DeLattia has opened the heavy iron district gates to your notorious company of adventurers. Is the air crisper and fresher as you enter from neighbouring Bodlud? The streets are wide and swept, with intricate statues pointing with signs to direct you to various parts of this exclusive district. A rich reward for a simple and doubtless eccentric request?

As a crystal embedded carriage speeds by under its own magical propulsion, blowing iridescent gusts over you in its wake, you wonder what stories you will tell of this place of endless wealth, considered manners and fluffy unicorns that are even now trotting towards you. Wait, what? No, they've just as suddenly gone. As you look back at the receding crystal carriage, you press on warily to your illustrious patron.