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First Age

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On the basis of the free Kickstarter I have decided to jump in early and pre-order the Gods roleplaying game. This sumpteously illustrated RPG is a full on dark sword and sorcery affair, with the players acting as heroes that proclaim by their deeds the resurgence of the old forgotten old gods.

I am a Chosen One.

Set in the vast sprawling Wildlands, the heroes will forge a new future for the lands around them.

The game system is a simple d10 dice pool of the World of Darkness variety. A difficulty is set and the pool is built from attributes, skills, specialities, equipment and other factors. Dice that equal or beat the difficulty are successes. Skills also allow limited rerolls of certain dice if the player wishes. Damage is based on a set number plus the successes of a strike that gets through defences. Armour absorbs. Wounds are at three levels with a threshold that the damage must beat to decide which type of wound it will be. Simple and easy to apply. There are some mechanics for groups functioning together to give bonuses, which look like fun. I like it.

There are also shards of the gods which can be wielded by heroes for mystical effect. I'll run the quickstarter and see how we go. It should be played on Lets-Role to get the full Gallic experience!

More on this game to come...

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