Going to start an on-line game

Looking for 4 players for Tuesday evenings 8-10 pm using Hangouts. Should probably run for half a dozen sessions or so.
Choices (I'll run the one with most interest)
Lyonesse (Mythras - D100) set in the pseudo-medieval fantasy of Jack Vance's 3 volume masterwork
Tekumel (Bethorm - 2D10+skill to hit target number) Science Fantasy in the original campaign world
or Elephant & Macaw Banner - Legend of the Golden Condor (EAMB 3d6+skill level) 16th Century Brazil setting
Posting elsewhere for 2 more players and then we'll start. Pregens or make your own PC's for Lyonesse? (I have pregens for Tekumel and EAMB)
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Ii haven't but will do as i know him of old being in the High Wycombe games club back in the 70's and early 80's.
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Pookie and Andrew Jones have signed up so I'm setting up a Discord channel to avoid bombarding any one forum/server/FB with messages that aren't relevant.
Tom, I've already sent an Invite, Maddz can you IM me an email to use please.
Consensus is for Tekumel.
Maybe Lyonesse in the future.
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