Grand Tribunal

Signal boost:

"OK, I have been in communication with unseen powers and it looks like 2019 will be a very important Grand Tribunal. It seems that this year we will be hosting transatlantic guests again, and learning mysteries of the future, and helping to shape the Order to come.

While the omens are still dim, and I am bound by powerful oaths of secrecy, you should really head over to and book now. And not just because we are still not even half way to break even...

Also at this point, might I ask for games? Anyone willing to run something? Any volunteers to write the Freeform? (I will if none steps forward: Return to Puck's Dell).

Any suggestions or ideas? Anyone able to help putting up Special Guests? Anyone able to offer a war game or design an Ars Magica board or card game?

As always Grand Tribunal is what you guys make it! Recruit your friends and book now

CJ x"

As I've said before, Grand Tribunal is a hidden gem of a #TTRPG convention. Small, massively friendly and not just Ars Magica any more. You get lot of gaming in the two days. Highly recommended.