Grogzilla now funding on Kickstarter

Grogzilla, briefly seen at Grogmeet 2019 is now getting a proper print run.

It’s currently, live on Kickstarter’s ZineQuest 2:for two weeks (until February 28th) and at time of writing 50% after 12 hours,

It’s full of fire-breathing three-headed skyscraper-sized giant lizards (stats for D100, OSR, and Monkey!), articles for Mythras, and a mini-adventure sequel to the Road to Hell (for Swords and Wizardry) amongst other things. And It will grow in page count as we hit stretch goals.

Also available as add-ons are previous issues of From the Shroud, for Crypts and Things/OSR games, and our Gloranthan Zines

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andddddddddddddddd FUNDED!!!!

On the way to Stretch Goal 1 which is The Imperial Ysian Tourist Board's Top Ten Places to visit in the Empire. A quick guide to the setting of our upcoming fantasy game Beyond Dread Portals by @dr_mitch :D