[watching] Happy Snappers

Let’s not get started on lenses ? Got the 25mm to go with the body but am already making a list of things to look at next. Need to really think about what I intend to use this for so as to not end up duplicating functionality with the DSLR.

- Neil.


I have a holy trinity of primes (14mm, 20mm and 45mm - the longer ones being f1.7 and f1.8 respectively) and I recently got the PZ 14-42mm zoom which collapses really small. I took that one on the GX1 on holiday. I keep on wondering about something longer (my old Bridge FZ50 had a 420mm equivalent) but then I look at the price tag.


Rune Priest
I was surprised how good the results from the PZ14-42 were from the night shots I took. Usually I use the 20mm or 14mm primes for street scenes but these worked well.
Argassi at Night by Dom, on Flickr
Thought I recognised the name although it's rather busier now. We had a family holiday there back in the 80s and experienced the first (minor) earthquake that I recall.


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I am now ogling the Panny GX9, which seems to be the descendant of Dom's GX7. Mind you, I could buy a s/h GX7 for that matter..