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We have been away honeymooning for five nights in Northumberland and have had a lovely time. Starting in the wilds, inland from Lindisfarne, we stayed in a great old house with big rooms and associated giant furniture. The bed was so big we had to wave to each other from either side!

Our plan for an evening meal was scuppered by a misheard booking, which resulted in us driving on a lengthy satnav mystery tour that eventually took us to Wooler, where we eventually risked a local Chinese take-away. Returning to the big house we consumed an entirely sub average meal before a good sleep before going Viking.

Tea in the front room of the big house​


View of a small chapel from our room​

Monday had the forecast rain and plenty! Undeterred, we set off to with stout waterproofs and grim purpose. We stopped for a tea on the way in to ensure a good causeway crossing, hit the car park, did the visitors centre, wandered around the abbey and got completely drenched. You know you're wet when the ticket lady describes you as a 'drowned rat'. We beat a sodden retreat and headed off to Alnmouth early.

Carmel seeking shelter in the Abbey grounds​

Alnmouth is a sweet, unspoilt, seaside village with lovely beaches for morning, before breakfast strolls.

One of my favourite times - a stroll on the beach​

We had a great time in Alnwick castle. The Location Tour gave us a really good overview as to how the castle has been used for a whole swathe of filming over the years.

A good full day at the big castle​

On Wednesday evening we went to the Treehouse Restaurant, where the food was average, over priced and in Carmel's case inedible. It was great to get out there though, dress up and have a bit of romance.

Outside the Treehouse. No Ewoks spotted.​

Man at Next gets very lucky with gorgeous lady​

We even did a walk, taking most of the day to go up the coast to a nearby village, eat a pub meal and go back again.

On our way to adventure​

Drama though! Carmel lost her glasses on the way! Quite depressing, as Carmel would struggle without them and had no backup option. All we could do, was to return exactly the way we had come and hope that, somehow we would find them.

The hills are alive with the sound of The King of The North​

I was the hero. Glasses found.

It must be said, that some of the best parts of our honeymoon were our movie nights, with laptop, HDMI cable to TV, and a series of amusing films with the pumped and rippling Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Social media allowing, it was nice to have some undisturbed time away together from the demands of family and home. It was like we were a couple or something. ?

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