Gencon How was GenCon for u?


The Guvnor
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I played The Stone Circle of Musila Haqila, run by BilHarzia using Mythras RPG.

Saturday evening for me
On the edge of the Abayd desert you take a bet that you can survive a night at the Stone Circle, the Musila Halqa. A fantasy mystery horror scenario set in a homebrew world.
It was a well written, well run intro to the system but very much to the kind of roleplay that Mythras and BRP does well, low magic, cults, spirits and strong personal and social interactions.
It was a good group, Roll20 and Discord held up well, and time zones and cultural differences were overcome.

Wanted to keep playing.
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The Guvnor
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I played The Night is more than Darkness
run by drednort (from Melbourne)
using Dragon Warriors at what was Sunday midday for me.

In the dark of night often bad things happen, but is that down to the darkness itself?
Enjoyable romp with a wide variety of options.
My first actual DW game!
System is light, Roll20 & Discord held up well.

Wanted to keep playing.

Tim Gray

Rune Priest
I didn't play anything in the end - due to not realising how the event finder worked till late, plus personal energetics - but have watched a live game and a couple of panels.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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I played three games.

The Fessor Gambit
Mongoose Traveller
Fantasy Grounds and Discord

An Imperial spy was outed on the Zhodani-allied world of Fessor. Your mission is to extract the spy and his information before the authorities catch him and yourselves. Pregens provided.

A well run game by someone who knows Traveller well. Fantasy Grounds appears to be over-engineered bobbins. Traveller is really not clicking with me at all. PCs with not many or the wrong skills. Recon as a perception check. Dunno, it just felt a bit drab. Game itself was well done. Have asked @Dom to run me some Trav to reignite my exctement for it.

Lyonesse: In High Dudgeon

An introduction to Jack Vance's Lyonesse, and the new roleplaying game from The Design Mechanism.

The villages of High and Low Dudgeon meet every midsummer to compete in a series of games (from the Low Jump to Donkey Jousting, and a whole host of strange contests in between). For ten years running, High Dudgeon has won, and Low Dudgeon is sick of it. The elders of the village smell magic and trickery, and it's up to the characters to discover why High Dudgeon continues to be victorious. But is all as it seems? What do the blacksmiths of High and Low Dudgeon have to hide? What is the nature of the strange carving on the beam of the High Dudgeon Inn? And why do the High Dudgeon competitors all perform a strange dance before every practice? Set in the high fantasy world of Jack Vance's 'Lyonesse' novels, 'In High Dudgeon' is a Vancian investigation requiring cunning, wit, and the ability to think around corners...

Magical, whimsical, character driven, faery, farce, danger, mystery and stories. Won't give too much away, but it was completely fabulous and great to be playing in a Loz game again.

How we laughed!

Cave of the Athodite
Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone

Adventure into the worlds of Hellas! Characters are Heroes with their own spaceship.

Picking up a distress beacon the players' ship crash lands on a strange planetoid and finds that it is a graveyard for many ships. The players set out to find the source of the beacon...

Fun short session with some more nice players and acted as rules guru as the GM was very new to Omega. Wanted to get out into the Slipstream and conquer worlds.

I have had a nice creative long weekend, intersperced with some good gaming. Online for the win!
I ran a game of The Cthulhu Hack on Friday (Forgotten Duty - investigators travel to Pamplona to acquire a 500-year-old book written by a mad monk who claimed to be able to see other worlds) and The Dee Sanction on Saturday (Lost in Translation - in an attempt to impress King Stefan in Krakow, Doctor Dee sends his agents on a quest to find a lost relic with nothing more than one of Edward Kelley's eyelashes to guide them).

All good. The first was valuable playtesting because I can now see where I need to tweak the adventure for better immersion and engagement. The second provided an enjoyable romp in Elizabethan times, as the Agents investigated, vandalised scarecrows and finally got lost for all eternity.