I think I've mentioned "Cape Con" before?

‪I started out as one of the U.K. SHRPG "guys". Always had a hankering to run a SHRPG con. Big event thing. Every table one minisetting/town within a bigger setting. Heroes moving from setting to setting across game slots. Meta storyline developing across sessions.‬

Event "newspaper" published every am. Active social media. Players allowed to swap contacts and use them as their characters meet. Big event eg. Alien invasion . Imagine someone texting "they're vulnerable to salt!" Or players clearing their town being the cavalry elsewhere.

‪Problems - since the success of the MCU everyone and their dog has their own SHRPG system. (I remember when we were the wierdos.) Couldn't get agreement on one system.‬
- need to be residential. Massive financial risk if not enough people turn up.
- enough interest (UK)

Solutions - (trying to think of a non-parasite analogy) "nest" it within a larger residential con as a "special event"
- write a bespoke set of rules especially for the event.

So - is it a goer or does it just remain a fantasy of mine?
Does it have to be residential? If you are prepared to 'just' have 3 sessions, could you organise a 1 day thing at Geek Retreat in Birmingham? Do shorter sessions than Spaghetti Con Junction does, so as to fit 3 slots in.
Could do as a starter but I'm still very wedded to the idea of attendees waking up to a Morning newspaper. I think I might care about that more than anything else.
Virtual con? Morning newspapers in email over week, game starts at 7 each night for 7 nights?
It's been suggested and it'll go into the bag of thoughts and probably re-emerge when I revisit this in - probably - two years or so. But I don't feel it's in my skill set. And I'd prefer the tactile physical paper as souvenir. I'd feel I'd be working to produce an email "paper" that would be transitory.

(By God I'm fussy!)


Rune Priest
Try it as a thread inside a long residential con. Run in the mornings of each day, that way the players get the paper and go straight into the game. You get time in the rest of the day to create the paper without staying up all night. Less adventure to plan if you only do one session a day, and you'll probably get more players if they can spend the rest of the day doing other stuff.

You'd get 3 sessions in at a Fri-Sun con, and 5 if you got it going at Contingency.