[D&D] Icewind Dale - Travel maps at the Alexandrian


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I was bemoaning the lack of a decent map that didn't require you to destroy the book in Rime of the Frost Maiden when it first landed, so I was delighted to see that the Alexandrian has posted a set of travel time and distance maps for the setting. Justin Alexander has also extrapolated the travel times of the Icebeak and



There's also a handy spreadsheet version.

He's also made two other posts on the setting which are worth a read.
Speaking of maps, that special edition Curse of Strahd Revamped was just so not worth the money. (so I sent mine back to Amazon). The maps already existed in the original 5e Curse of Strahd. And the new monster booklet is just an extraction from the original. So the high cost of the new was basically for Hydro's box art and Tarroka cards with a soft cover campaign book. :-(

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Sorry, I was referring to Icewind Dale. Justin's tweets about Rime of the Frost Maiden make it out to be as bad as Hoard of the Dragon Queen.
I'm sort of in the market, allowing for the fact that I don't have 5e. I'm following the Dungeon Muser's epic AD&D2e campaign using a blend of both. I haven't picked up the detail of the problems with it though.

I'm going early by plumbing the depths of Greyhawk and I've found I have to be selective.