[generic] Inclusivity and representation

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This is an interesting thread, and Simon makes a good point, it's mostly whites, all males, discussing Feminism.

Would a good step be to approach some actual women? We're not exactly short of them at the Garrison Cons at least. Perhaps we need to invite them into the Tavern to discuss this thread. Lynn, Debbie, Sue etc. might be of good input which cannot be derived from an all male group. There's also a Women in Gaming organisation that may offer useful advice.

Ahem. I know it's not a good photo but that's me playing Dushi Sone in 'Griffin Mountain or Bust' at Continuum some years ago. I actually had more issues playing online games - the usual comment was 'You're a gal??? Really? Wow!'

To go back to RPG characters, unless you're playing straight fantasy or SF RPGs, it's difficult to come up with a believable female character in a historical setting who actually has agency who isn't just a token female and doesn't come across as a guy in drag. I'm old enough for this not to bother me; I suspect in many cases it's a failure of imagination - when you are accustomed to having agency for all your life, it's difficult to understand how someone who doesn't have agency operates within that confine.

Yes, I agree that when combat starts a female character can be at a disadvantage, especially in a con game when you're showcasing a system. So guys, have some imagination - your female characters may not be able to go hand-to-hand with the bad guys, but what about ranged? Archery was usually considered a suitable martial skill for aristocratic females to learn as they would use it in the hunt (sling for peasant characters).
I have to say I was expecting a bit more positive help from that particular group of people, but the reaction shows that there's still some way to go until everybody feels properly included.
I think possibly the best take from it all is "if gender, ethnicity, whatever doesn't affect the character's abilities or background story, then don't use those things as a basis for building a pre-gen; just build a 'good' character *whatever that means in the system), and let the player fill in the details"
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