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Hopefully we'll get something set up to start after Easter if you'd be interested in joining us. Probably 3rd Saturday of the month (and the occasional 5th Saturday), conventions & family commitments permitting.
I'm Alex, an expat Aussie. Cut my teeth on rpgs back in 1978 when all we had was Judge's Guild "Ready Ref Sheets" and a third-hand idea what roleplaying was. It was an absolute blast for a bunch of schoolboys as we muckled our way through it. I remember we thought a dervish was some sort of monster until someone looked it up in a dictionary. Not long after AD&D came out and that was our staple for many years. Fell into the trap of thinking Basic D&D was, well, basic, and so below us. I branched out into Traveller (LBBs) and became the sci-fi Traveller guy for many years. Roleplaying continued through school an into uni (1984) where we played mainly AD&D, Traveller and occasional forays into games such as Traveller 2300, Twilight 2000, and James Bond. I was never interested in Glorantha (bloody ducks o_O) and completely missed Call of Cthulhu because I was never interested in the horror genre. Then uni got serious with Honours and PhD, plus I discovered women and nightclubs. All roleplaying went by the wayside for many years. Postdoced for a few years in Sydney, Canada and Oxford and then arrived in Bath for a faculty position. Whilst on honeymoon I went into a military bookshop to look at WWII aviation titles (my interest at the time was the IL2 Sturmovik PC game) and came across rows and rows of D&D 3e books. I was blown away because for some reason I had assumed the world had moved on from rpgs and it was a dead hobby. How wrong could I be?! When I got home I resolved to relive my younger days and get a Traveller group together. That happened surprisingly quickly when I discovered my neighbour (6 houses down) was a long-term roleplaying junky. The Wed. night face-to-face group at his house has been meeting ever since (must be 10 years now) and was soon joined by my colleague at work (many lunches now involve rpg discussions) and now his wife. We play mainly Trail of Cthulhu plus Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Dying Earth, Delta Green, Elric! and have experimented with such games as Barbarians of Lemuria and Fate. Some years back I went to a Furnace and discovered the joys of sampling other gaming systems. Have attended quite a few plus Seven Hills since then, so now the list of games I've tried is too long to recall. For a few years I ran an online (Roll20) Adventurer Conqueror King campaign until work and family became too busy. But I think it's time to return and do some Traveller. Other interests are woodworking using handtools only, reading philosophy and anything else I can get my hands on, plus the family as always.
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Hopefully we'll get something set up to start after Easter if you'd be interested in joining us. Probably 3rd Saturday of the month (and the occasional 5th Saturday), conventions & family commitments permitting.
Hopefully we'll get something set up to start after Easter if you'd be interested in joining us. Probably 3rd Saturday of the month (and the occasional 5th Saturday), conventions & family commitments permitting.
New thread Maddz, how about "Gaming in the Fens" in People?
Hello, former Tavern Patron, 'Herbert West', but I have kept my 'zackspacks' from UKRPG. Started playing D&D in the late 70s with the blue book and a softback edition of AD&D 1st ed Players Handbook. Got into Call Of Cthulhu early 80s (2nd ed), and a bit of Traveller. From there:
1) Discovered Rolemaster/Spacemaster at the end of the 80s, and basically played those (plus CoC) for about the next 20 years until I found this forum.
2) Attended Furnace in 2008, my first ever con, as I wanted to run con games for complete strangers. Discovered Savage Worlds. Which culminated in:
3) The 'one and done' ShaCon Savage Worlds convention in Sheffield last year.
Hi. I'm Toby. Been playing RPG's since I was around 12 I think, back in 1992. Started out with red box D&D and Marvel Super Heroes (the FASERIP one). Played a whole lot of systems in between then and now - Shadowrun, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness and more. Haven't really got a group at the moment as I recently moved from London to Buntingford in Hertfordshire and my usual players are now spread out a bit too much to get together often. Getting the bug again though and would love to get more regular games in.


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A Fred so. It was really ever only meant to be a one and done. Hence giving away all the badges and stuff at the time. After the amazing feedback we received from you lovely people, we foolishly said we would do another one. Move on a few months and RL issues have taken their toll, so it's adios and thanks for all the bennies! :cool:

It takes a great deal of work and commitment to organise and run a convention, most punters don’t know half that goes into getting an event off the ground.
Well done for going for it and delivering a great convention. :)
Hallo, I'm Luke. I jumped into gaming as a GM a couple of years ago, thanks in part to some kind words of encouragement on UKRP, and now look after the Basingstoke RPG Meetup group, run a monthly GM workshop/self-help group, and recently started to blog about gaming topics.

I GM my original D&D 5e group reasonably regularly through a homebrew campaign, occasionally play in a Mouseguard game, and once bullied my co-workers into a surprisingly short-lived The Black Hack adventure. Other than that I just end up cramming in new-to-me systems at UK Games Expo - so far have given Call of Cthulhu, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and Fate a bit of a poke.
Afternoon all. I'm Neal and a former member of the Bournemouth Berserkers. I used to frequent UK Roleplayers as Lusus Naturae.

I cut my teeth GMing with WFRP and Werewolf: The Apocalypse and used to run Supernatural at UK cons. With a growing family I don't get to cons as much as I used to but thems the breaks.

More recently I have been designing a system to go with my own Post Apocalyptic Alien Horror background. I'll be posting looking for playtesters in a bit.
I'm Lindsay. As a university student I started on White Box D&D (the author William King was my first DM), and Black Box Traveller back in 1977. I have played/refereed more RPGs than I can remember (including: Runequest, Call of Cthulhu, Tunnels and Trolls, Shadowrun, Legend of the Five Rings, Cortex, 7th Sea, [Modephius'] Conan, Champions, Vampire the Masquerade, Savage Worlds, Fate, Fantasy Trip & GURPS, Empire of the Petal Throne, & En Garde). I still play D&D, but prefer Mongoose Traveller V1. I have written various Traveller articles for Mongoose Publications, and attend UK TravCon when I can.

I've moved many times (currently in Surrey), and gave up RPGs for a few years. I now help to organise the local RPG group in Guildford.

I also play boardgames, and wargames (mostly online, such as the award winning free browser game, and the hideously addictive spin-off games, and ).

I'm also interested in philosophy, psychology (subject of my 1st degree), computers (subject of my 2nd degree), natural history, and science fiction, amongst other things.
Hello all! I am Grant, 40 odd years of age, living in Wolverhampton. I got into gaming when a mate brought a GW Space Marine miniature back from holiday and mentioned there was a game for it; so I went out and bought WH40K Rogue Trader and had a few games (quite why, but I chose Eldar Harlequins despite hating painting miniatures!) However, wargames didn't really do it for me, but at the back of Rogue Trader was an advert for WFRP so I bought that, read it and ran it for some friends. I later moved on to being a Shadowrun junkie but burnt out on that after 3rd ed.

I now only lots of RPG books, and have even read a few of them!!!

Currently looking for an extra player or two to join a weekly group in Wolverhampton, and also looking to supplement that gaming with a monthly weekend game.

I try to get to a few conventions a year, but unfortunately cannot make Continuum this year :(