Introduce Yourself

Hi, Matthew's the name and RPGs are among the things I do. I am also a senior research software engineer, so breaking no moulds.

Although I was aware of the existence of D&D in my childhood (watched the cartoon series like many others) my first proper experience of gaming was Fresher's Game Day in my first week of University. I played W.E.G. Star Wars and liked it enough to come back the next week and get into a year long Earthdawn campaign.

While not particularly adept at either I run as well as play games. I am strictly what I have heard rather dismisively referred to as a "beer and pretzels" player despite neither drinking beer or eating pretzels.
Better late than never...

I'm James, I've been playing RPGs since I was 10, so I'm coming up on 40 years of gaming now, mostly from the GMing chair. I was born in Scotland, lived most of my life in Milton Keynes and am currently in West London.

I've dabbled in some light game design (you can find many short examples of my work on my blog) and I particularly enjoy 'storygames' where the emphasis is on the significance of the characters to the story being told and the players having responsibility for creating content as the story unfolds.

I've found a lot of my gaming taking place online in the last few years, with face-to-face meetings getting harder and harder to arrange, so if anyone reading this is on Discord, let me know and we can swap server links.