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Hi, I’m Alex, living in Hertfordshire and working in London on software architecture for customer experience for a big online fashion retailer.

I came across a Games and Puzzles article about D&D in 1975, loved the idea but couldn’t afford the white box rules, so drew up a dungeon and made up some rules and pretty much carried on doing that one way or another. I played a lot in the 70’s and 80’s, D&D, RQ, Traveller, Space Opera and the early versions of my ‘Starguild’ game. Much less in the 90’s when I lived up in Leeds, but was drawn back by 3e in 2000. I spent a decade as a participant, moderator and admin on ENWorld until about 2010 when I fell out of contact with a regular gaming group.

In the last ten years most of my gaming has been once a year at a house-con over in America with people I met from ENWorld, never got into the con scene in the UK (went to one once, and then it closed down. I hope it was a co-incidence!).

Ironically I’ve done more gaming since COVID than at any time in the last decade, with a regular game on Sunday evenings over Zoom with US friends; a series of one-shots, one-pagers by Grant Howitt and playtests.

I run Plane Sailing Games limited, where I publish games and hacks of other systems (when permission is granted). My first game was Starguild: Space Opera Noir (an OGL game although falling a long way from the d20 tree). Last year I published a story game about women spies in WW2 France called A Cool and Lonely Courage. Simple rules to tell emotionally complex stories, it was nominated in the ‘best game’ category at the ENNies this year. I’m currently working on Love & Barbed Wire, a letter-writing story game about WW1 correspondence, and Starforged which is recasting my old Starguild game with ‘Forged in the Dark‘ rules.

I was delighted to hear about the Tavern from Simon Burley recently, and look forward to making peoples acquaintance.



The Guvnor
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Welcome @Plane Sailing !!

Many of us have played a lot more during COVID. The hobby seems to be well positioned to support us all in our isolation.
The WW2 covert operations rule set sounds intriguing.
Welcome, you will find fellow grognards and whippersnappers here, often diametrically opposed to their chronological age...