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Hi everyone; this is the forum for the Numenera Game I’m going to run. It is Play by Forum.

How does a Play by Forum Game work?

Basically, it’s the same as a FTF Game, except it doesn’t play in real-time.

The GM posts the description/ situation on the forum.

The PC’s then respond to this by posting their response. Usually a time limit is set for responses (I typically use 48 hours, but this can be flexible.) If some PC’s have not responded; then it’s assumed they are ok with the situation or have nothing to add.

The GM then posts the next part and so on.

It sounds a little long-winded, but in practice it actually works quite well. It allows Players time to think about their response; because it’s not in real-time then it can be very descriptive. Also, you can go back and read what’s happened before

In Numenera, the emphasis is on exploration and discovery; so I try and keep die rolling to a minimum, very much like Gumshoe


Here are a few real examples from my ‘Tears of the Gods’ Game (around December 2016): -

Brass Jester (GM)

The swarm of wasps draws closer through the murky waters underneath the City of Bridges; twisting effortlessly round the piers and towers of the city. The large swarm splits into several smaller swarms as they attack you, two wasps at you, Uinia and the other two skeane.

Roll Initiative

You remember Frater Bellias saying that he had never seen your like before and that he would welcome the chance to study you more; in fact he wasn’t the first person to say it (?)

The Library can communicate in Lightspeech; however the dialect and words are very old (analogue rather than digital, if you like.)

GM: The Library is not infallible; it only knows what it has been told. However, you are not an Aeon Priest; any amendments have to be ratified by the Circulus; the ruling body of the Arechive.

YimouZha (Player)

When will it be apparent that Ooro is not with the group? YMZ will try to use the Psychic Communique cipher to communicate with him.

Brass Jester

It's apparent now that he isn't with you; he didn't return from the shopping trip.

YimouZha (Player)

Realizing that Ooro is not with the group, YimouZha activates the Psychic Communicator.

"Ooro? Where are you? You're missing out on a delectable breakfast! Yes, there is more fermented squirrel here!"

The Golthiar holds the device, wondering if there'll be a response...

Brass Jester (GM)


You drive the spike on the root ball deep into your brain

Take 1 Might damage (ambient)

The Psychic Communicator allows a one-way telepathic message of no more than 10 words.


Just as you are about to face the wasps; suddenly an image of YimouZha pops into your mind and you hear him say

"Ooro? Where are you? You're missing out on a delectable”

This is somewhat distracting: -

Roll Initiative TWICE and take the lowest number as your Initiative for the combat.

GM: You cannot reply, the cypher is one-way only


Okay, that gives an idea of how a PbF plays out.

As an aside, Ooro never returned from the water under the City of Bridges; so the Mercurial Wasps must have got him.

I’m in the UK, Ooro’s player was in California and YimouZha was in Hong Kong.