[PF] Jencon Heaven 2019

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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It made a nice change to go to the Garrison for a convention just to play. No organising, checking, scurrying, prepping, just turn up, get to my table and play. And to play Pathfinder 2e for a full weekend too!

The slots are 10-4 and 5-9pm each day, with downstairs food orders permeating the slots to keep people full to bursting as the games happened around us. Main upstairs and the downstairs 'Cell' or 'Dungeon were booked, with an extra table in front of the cells as there isn't a trader at Jencon. Tea and coffee flowed in the usual Garrison place and most welcomed.

I had a great time. As I surmised, Pathfinder is a fairly easy game to play, with the core rules hitting about 40 pages; the complexity being in the variations brought in by the character builds and the spell descriptions. Far more complicated for me was the realisation that I ought to overlay the organised play mechanics, which introduces a personal number and character number, to allow you to perpetuate a character across sessions.

A mostly new group of players, many based in Sheffield, with @negromaestro , @AndrewW and George from Patriot joining me. I have joined the cult. I still have no idea what the Boon sheets were that were eagerly snapped up by the ever busy admin during the game sessions.

Highly structured and focused scenarios provided guided missions for our Pathfinder Society characters as they traveled hither and yon across Golarion, 'sorting stuff out'. Play followed a pattern of roleplay taking us to a nice 'theatre of the flip-mat and figures' encounter, which generally resolved a chunk or all of the scenario. Rannar, leveled up to Fighter 2, just enough for me to spot his weaknesses that he needs to develop for the next few levels.

I am now purchasing flip-mats and preparing tokens according to the ever beneficent Gow-Bear: https://www.omnihedron.co.uk/game-tech/cheap-ass-counters/#more-234 . I don't have spare common Magic the Gathering cards yet, but have Pintrest and a printer, so some magic will happen. The Christmas family game will be a 2nd Level affair, set in the heart of Kallahn.