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The Guvnor
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So, a couple of noobs at the Uni want to play online as a tryout.

Of course they ask for D&D cos it's the hobby, right?

They are highly educated.

They are youngish (20s)

Do I whip out a D&D 5e table on Roll20 or what?


Rune Priest
Yes, give them what they have asked for, for the first game anyway. With all the power of Roll20 behind you, they will be insulated from a lot of the nitty-gritty of the rules anyway, so less need to worry about swamping then with complexity.

I would go with a simple one-shot for a first session, let them see how they like it. Then if they want to continue, as @First Age says the Starter Set is right there.

You can always give them a good interrogation during the first session debrief, find out whether they are into the tactical, or the roleplay or the puzzle solving (I hope you have a one-shot with all that?). Then corrupt them to the appropriate dark side, if 5e isn't pushing the right buttons.
Give them what they ask for -except- if you know them well enough to know that D&D will put them off and something else would not, in which case conversation.

The starter set pregens are downloadable from the D&D site, so you can throw those at them.
I agree with Martin. Save the starter set for the second session etc if necessary. I find the character sheets have too much on them for newbies.

Guy Milners blog should have suitable ones and an appropriate adventure.

Also (getting old but still good) Matt Colville’s Delian Tomb always works and the video has links to pregens.