Last of the Sith, episode 4: Recontact

Listehol was in trouble. Gin might not be too popular with her family right now, but she had to try to protect them, even if they would never know about it. She wasn't sure where the ship had been borrowed from, and she didn't care. All that mattered was that they had a ship and an astrogation droid to get them to the hyperspace beacon.

Not that that part would be easy, with a swarm of sith fighters in the way. No way of talking their way past that. They were all dependant on Dax, who managed to swap their ship's signature with one of the fighters and get the ship into the hangar bay undetected. Well, except for the team of Sith troopers waiting for them.

Now she was on familiar ground. The sight of one of those accursed protocol droids was something of a distraction, and it was all she could do to resist shooting the droid instead of the troopers, but with the rest of the team on side they were soon on their way.

No unpleasant distractions when stronger opposition appeared. The way the sith kept fighting despite limbs flying in all directions was terrifying, but they clearly hadn't counted on an angry jawa with a vibroaxe. More material to bring up next time the crew needed a bit of motivation.

Dax turned the computer systems off and on again, which was enough to reactivate communications and allow Master Reshi to communicate with the Jedi Council again. And yet he didn't seem satisfied. Or maybe she was just having trouble reading his expression. Cybernetic eyes were confusing.

Back to Listehol. Back to solid ground, and she'd managed to leave the protocol droid alone on the way out. Dax was off to find his sister, and Gin wasn't about to let him wander off on his own. Mnessas and Track-u-bot both had racing rontos, and could get to Master Reshi a lot quicker than she could. It was sweet, the way Dax cared for his sister. Gin hoped she appreciated it.

With the group back together, Master Reshi updated, and the invading forces kept at bay, there was nothing left to do but watch the fireworks. And very confusing fireworks they were too. Which ship was which? Who was fighting who? Who were the bad guys, anyway? If there was one thing Gin knew about, it was deception. Maybe it was time to start looking for the truth.

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