Less travel, more observation

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“Mists and mellow fruitfulness” are probably not to be expected and this time of the year – it’s stupidly mild, Short-sleeves-and keep-moving mild. Should-I-walk-rather-than-crammed-bus mild.

A low mist, but not a cold one, hovers, always just that bit too far away, over the Racecourse grass, even as leaves cling to trees, some 10% or so perhaps.

Seagulls take their chances between rugby poles & football goals, as black dog, tail happy, lopes ahead of blue–coated walker.

Silhouette strides across the green, bus-headed perhaps; now jogs, gaining colour, as pedestrians seek to be passengers. Bus.

Tea table-sat, in Innovation Centre lower ground, rehearsals to the left, chat in kitchen behind, and off to right (after occasional sung lines of The Jungle Book, “Oo-oo-oo, I want to be like you…” etc.)

The strange feeling, observation, of the same scene, rehearsed by two different pairs of actors in different places. I wonder what it is though?

OK: so I’ve just done a brief (slightly incomplete) marriage ceremony from memory for third-year Acting students. It’s amazing what is stuck in the brain. “I give you this ring, as a sign of our marriage… with my body I honour you, all that I have I give to you, and all that I am, I share with you, within the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Near one’o’clock, and first pulses of people have passed. There’s still rehearsing – and maybe more ideas will show up.

Down, down in the basement,
Cross-legged on the blue floor,
Circle-sat, a ritual devouring,
A feast of microwaved food.
Today’s the day the
Actors are having their

I love being around the younger people, not young in their minds, but still to me. What was I like at 21? Hardly secure: functional, but better connected to town/city community than my course.

It’s still a privilege to hear, and occasionally join in with some of the singing or sillyness. Not able to concentrate to read though – especially as there are conversations I would like to be part of, both silly and sensible, even specifically about faith and perceptions of it (with regards to sexuality).


Mild, background moistness. Not good for when the washing machine has broken. Meanwhile, gaggle, not rabble, gathers for bus. Students more keen than staff as double-decker approaches. Start of a full day..


Tireder than I should be, but out and about, coffee to hand. Hoping caffeine will perk me up, or conversations likewise. Inspiration is there, but dozing, awaiting the opportunity to bubble, rise, and shine out, revealing something new.

Decision to leave Multi-Faith Centre vindicated, 3 substantive conversations with staff and students, plus more general ones. Chaplaincy visibility. Down, on Ground, much buzz of Employability Fair (or how much unfair? Am I just old, even reactionary, to say that students shouldn’t have to work? Is it life-enhancing, or something less – and what has been the impact on general employment, particularly if it’s taking out the jobs that might have gone to semi-skilled group?)


Observation: only in the last few years has self-confidence, or perhaps comfortable self-awareness, recovered or returned to previous levels more indicative of St. Martin’s Days’, 95-96, perhaps, or Cranmer, 97-99 or so. Once ordained, curacy was fair enough, knowing place and confident of abilities, but Kings Hill/Dallington were about knock and slow recovery. Once full-time at uni, or perhaps more, 50th birthday, there’s the return.

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