Other Games Liminal: Current status

I've posted this across social media, but thought I'd also share what's currently happening when it comes to Liminal here.

As you all know, it's currently available in PDF and print on demand forms. The Quickstart and two case notes are also currently available in PDF.


(1) Colour print copies for the print run are now in the UK distribution warehouse. People will probably start seeing them next week.
(2) Liminal has a distribution arrangement with Modiphius starting next month.
(3) A licensed Spanish translation is coming.
(4) The first major supplement, Pax Londinium, is currently getting the Jason Behnke art treatment.
Cheers Andrew - I had a lot of fun running it and the test has allowed me to shore up the scenario a lot!

I'm thrilled by the progress Liminal is making and continually amazed that my words will be getting Jason's art. Twice!

The new distro arrangement is a game changer for the entire line. Time to get Dr Mitch some gold-threaded tweed....
This is excellent news - most importantly because I get my print copy soon.... ;-)
Congratulations on the distribution arrangement Dr. Mitch and Jason; Liminal deserves the support of a major player like Modiphius. Looking forward to seeing how Pax Londinium turns out - you’ve set a high bar already.

I would be interested to see how the Spanish translation turns out, if only I could read Spanish... With Liminal being heavily rooted in British history, folklore and culture; is the intention to have a faithful translation (and then maybe a Spanish supplement) or to incorporate Spanish cultural influences?
Got my copy this morning, just unhooked from my machine and the doorbell went with the postie handing me a large box and padded envelope. The envelope was a set of dice with large numbers for my aging eyesight and the box was a beautiful copy of Liminal. Spent much of today admiring the printed version - the pdf just doesn't do it justice, glad you went for the off-set printed option. Now just to wait for the ARU dice tray I ordered with the KS.