Liminal Liminal online for a Tavern crew

Another excellent session this week, even with all the audio weirdness. Have placed the order for new broadband, though for reasons of my availability it’s not going to be installed using August 2 ☹️

BTW - are we calling time at four sessions or intending to carry on?

- Neil.
I've just bought a microphone, so I'm hoping that improves matters from my end next time.

I'm aiming for some sort of conclusion in the next session, but that doesn't mean we can't carry on afterwards or come back for a sequel.


Rune Priest
I’d be more than happy to carry on. It seems to me that we’ve the following things to resolve:

  • The 3 treasures
  • Exploring the cellar
  • Dealing with the necromancer
  • Preventing the Jaegers from getting a toehold in London (they’re going to be p!ssed at us for protecting Omar and killing their search party)
  • Working out how to deal with the power node and protecting the house
  • Magical training
I don’t think we’ll we’ll resolve more than one treasure and getting an idea about exactly what the portal is we’ve found in the cellar.
I'm going to call it as the final session for the summer, but with the hope we can come back for a sequel before the end of the year. A sequel feels almost necessary, which isn't a bad place to be at all.


Rune Priest
Probably just as well - I found out Monday morning I didn't get the job I'd been interviewed for (just as well - I wasn't keen on the commuting involved plus it's probably too corporate for me), but when we got home Monday afternoon I'd been notified of a couple of opportunities by my contact at the Department of Health. I emailed first thing this morning, and within 35 minutes I got an email back from one saying they were very interested in my CV. Commuting-wise, it's not too bad - train to Finchley, then one stop on the Tube.

We'll see. If I do get that one, I'll be pretty tired to begin with and probably won't be home much before 7 pm anyway.


Rune Priest
I guess so - it seems a bit pointless to switch to an alternative as this is the last session for the moment until autumn. My feeling would be to use the downtime to sort out Discord.


Rune Priest
Yeah, so having that enhanced setting set to off seemed to help a lot. I did notice I was echoing a bit at times, but it was fairly low-key.


Rune Priest
We going to restart?

I'm on the point of transferring to permanent (once my references get sorted - unfortunately, since I got made redundant CCC HR switched to a new system and all my details are on the archived system so aren't easily accessible). I still have the 5 am start weekdays, but I work from home Fridays so switching to Thursday night may be a good idea as I can sleep in Friday morning.

Assuming bloody Thameslink don't cancel my usual train, I'm home around 18:40, and we usually eat at 19:00. Mind you, I'm averaging around 2 delay repays a week. I think the latest I've been back is around 19:30.

Happy to play again, though it looks like it wouldn’t be the original crew ☹️ Most nights are fine but Fridays are occasionally problematic due things like end of term, etc., when I get co-opted in to driving a minibus to various drop off points.

- Neil.