LongCon Volunteer Offer

John’s run LongCon there for a few years and there have been PFS events. Anyone can book the place.
Yes, I know Longcon runs at the Garrison, just that there are many more GarriCons run by others, so was wondering if all those GarriCons are covered by this plan, since the mention of GarriCons in the original article may imply that.
If you Referee or volunteer or organise or do anything to make any convention happen anywhere in the country whether it’s one of John’s or not, he won’t charge you to attend Volcon. That’s how I understand it. Just turn up and say “I Referee Games at Concrete Cow” or “I man the desk at Furnace” and you get in free. Have to sort out your own accommodation though.

(Unfortunately I’m at StabCon that weekend so I’m going to miss this.)
John is heavily involved in several conventions including Dragonmeet, UK Games Expo, AireCon, and LongCon.
Thanks, I know those you mentioned. Though it was the GarriCons that I compared with LongCon/Volcon run by John versus the many other GarriCons run by other great people there.