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Hi everyone
I'm going to be doing a major downsizing soon of a load of RPG and boardgame stuff; I'll post it here first. I need to set up a Paypal account as well. Some of the stuff I'll be selling is a load of Traveller hardback stuff, WEG Star Wars, Genesys/ Shadow of the Beanstalk + dice; some Savage Worlds (Sundered skies, Space 1889, Pirates of the Spanish Main), plus more which I've yet to sort out. All are in excellent condition and barely touched.

Boardgames: - Evo, Quantum, Viking, Alien Encounters, Starcraft, Buck Rogers, Star Trek: Ascendancy+ Borg expansion, plus others.

Prices and postage yet to be worked out; but they are all in excellent condition.


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Major Downsizing to be followed by General Sale with settlements funded by Private Transaction?

I’ll get my coat.

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Yes it is the TSR Buck Rogers game - It's great, but just no time to play it.

I'll get some lists and prices posted over the next day or so
Genesys Shadow of the Beanstalk for me, please. :cool:
Can never have to many of this with FFG closing shop. Also, just invested in a Story Engine Deck of Cards and wish to bring the nephew into this, so Genesys a system sure to spark the imagination along with the cards I just mentioned. :)

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Hi everyone
This is the list of things currently up for grabs, it will be on first come first served.

Payment is via Paypal, my email address for payments is Please add a reference.
Also email me to that email address with your chosen postal address with the same reference

Postage and packing is an additional 6% of the total price of the items ordered, although several items may have to be split into one or more parcels (I’m trying to keep to the small parcel rate.)

Items will be despatched within 2-3 days of receipt of payment

I live in the Black Country (Halesowen), collection is a possibility that could be arranged.

Item Price

760 Patrons 2nd ed 30
S11 Animal Encounters 12.5
S7 1001 Characters 15

Mindjammer – Traveller version 20

Marvel Universe RPG 15
+ Guide to Hulk and the Avengers

Starblazer Adventures 40
+ Original Mindjammer
Legends of Anglerre 35

Scum and Villainy (HB) 15

Savage Worlds
Pirates of the Spanish Main (HB) 25
Space 1889 (HB) 15
Sundered Skies Core Rules + Supplements 45

Flash Gordon Core rules (HB) 20
Kingdoms of Mongo (HB) 20
GM Screen 15
+ Journey to Centre of Mongo
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