Make a great woman - kill a great woman - a new trope?

The first time is happenstance.
The second is coincidence.
The third time it's enemy action.

(Name the book?)

OK I've just spotted something in my SciFi. Grace in Dr Who. I've just rewatched "Solo" (actually a good little SciFi flick if you try to forget it supposed to be part of of some "great legacy"). And there was this stonking female droid that wanted equality for droids. Then there was Orville episode 2 where the female leader of a dying race deliberately left herself out of the lottery.

I'm pretty sure that I could find more examples. In the world of #metoo et al, are writers creating brilliant female characters - I mean totally over-designed ones - just to show that they're down with female empowerment, just to kill them off because they ARE over-designed and unsustainable? Is this a "thing" or am I just seeing patterns in the smoke?

(Yes I am still smarting over the death of Grace.)