Michael Moorcock’s Elric Saga coming to TV


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I agree, whilst I am not sure Moorcock was doing it explicitly, his inspiration was xenomorphic and he reimagined it in a tolerant and poly-cultural fusion.

On the other hand, Hawkmoon is a right old mish-mash of clichés. I like to think he was undermining them.
Hawkmoon was full of both inverted clichés and actual clichés, stitched together with something feeling a bit bolder.

There's as a strong sense of pan-Europeanism there; in one passage Count Brass was wishing for what is effectively the EU. And it's telling having Britain as not just the bad guys, but the over the top exaggeratedly evil bad guys, stand-ins for Nazis.

But Dorian Hawkmoon is far more straightforward and two-dimensional character than Elric. It's some of the supporting characters that have more depth.
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