[generic] Mitchester Arms

Thank-you Guvnor. The Mitchester Arms will be staying open after the 4th July. Maybe when people have non-virtual social lives it will fade, but I'd like to keep it open for as long as people are using it. It fulfils a need.
I’ve enjoyed it very much, even when the discussions inevitably turn to Noel Edmunds or Monty Don, (but why never to Sandi Toksvig, of whom I have at least seen on TV?) You have a very nice community of role players in the UK and I’m somewhat envious of the camaraderie and solid gaming opportunities. The Mitchester Arms lets me participate, even if it’s mainly as an observer. I’m surprised to find that Canadian Trivia scores among UK role players are nearly as low as among Americans, though.


The Guvnor
Staff member
I think it's been a marvellous innovation and is definitely something I would like to see continue. It's like a mini pre-con every Friday. I know I don't get there often but I like it when I do.
Same here. I hope it stays open for a long time.