More time for gaming?


Looks like I’m going to have some more time for gaming, so long as I can type and read books with one hand.

Back in August, on holiday, I pulled a shoulder muscle (so I thought at the time.) It was quite painful but I hung on, thinking it would get better.

Well, it didn’t; it got worse. Finally, following an ultrasound and x-ray; it turns out that I have torn a tendon completely off the rotator cuff in the shoulder. This requires surgery to fix and means I’ll be off work and unable to use the arm for 3 – 4 months(!) The operation is scheduled for 13th December. Obviously, I won’t be able to drive (or do anything that involves using my left arm.) Fortunately; I’m right-handed.

All I did was pick up a carrier bag with some of the kid’s toys in! It wasn’t even very heavy.

C’est la vie

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