[SWd6] My Adventures in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

I ran an adhoc Star Wars game yesterday afternoon for two friends, using D6 REUP rules. The premise was two young Jedi in hiding after Order 66. Trying to stay undetected, but getting embroiled with the affairs of the local Resistance and a devious gun runner.

The heroes got entangled with the local Resistance when they discovered a Mouse droid that was running messages between two cells. It led to them getting involved with a dodgy used speeder salesman, who worked for the local gunrunner - who had also double crossed the resistance - and they took part in a Grand Theft Speeder to win the salesman’s trust. It ended with the players trying to confront the gunrunner, but not before one of the characters sliced his protocol droid in half with a lightsaber!

They stole the protocol droid memory core to give to the Resistance. The droid had information about the gunrunner’s unscrupulous dealings. With that, the resistance agreed to get our heroes off world.

To be continued...
I ran another instalment of my D6 Star Wars game yesterday:

Episode II

Boarding a refugee ship bound for the Hastus system, our heroes find themselves embroiled in the affairs of the ship and its crew. Shortly after making the jump to hyperspace, the hyperdrive was sabotaged, and as the ship dropped into normal space, it was attacked and boarded by pirates led by a man called Striker. With the aid of the heroes, the boarders were repelled and Striker was captured. With the crew safe, the heroes proceed to fix the hyperdrive, and the use their astromech droid to place demolition charges on the pirate’s ship’s clamp, freeing the refugee ship and allowing them to escape.

The ship arrives at Hastus Prime and the heroes quickly discover that have found themselves at the start of a coup. The planet’s Prime Minister has made a deal with an Imperial envoy to overthrow Queen Halla and turn the neutral Hastas system over to the Empire. With the aid of one of the Queen’s Handmaidens, the heroes escape and headed out into the wilderness to locate an exiled Jedi Knight who, in the wake of Order 66, has been living the life of a hermit…