Concrete Cow My games (and a little reminder!)

It’s the marvellous Concrete Cow in Milton Keynes next weekend.

I’ve not seen much promotion for it and went on line to remind myself what games I’d submitted - and I hadn’t submitted ANY! There’s currently only a handful of games on the site. Come on people! Let’s no forget the old girl! It’s still one of the best one day events on the circuit.

See you all there next weekend?

Anyway I’ll offer these games:

Morning Session

The Second Klingon War
A Star Trek The Original Series Adventure

3 years into its 5 year mission, the Enterprise is caught behind enemy lines as the Klingons launch devastating surprise attacks across the Quadrant. And where are the Organians? Those mega-powerful Energy Beings were supposed to intervene if either side breached the Organian Peace Treaty. Alone and outnumbered, it’s up the Captain and crew of the Federation flagship to save the day!

Notes: This is a fun and exciting game and suitable for all ages and types of player. Play as one of the Original Series Characters.

System: THE CODE OF THE SPACELANES - My own lightweight SciFi rules. Just 2d6, easy to play. But when you roll doubles, truly magical things start to happen.

Afternoon Session

Queen Victoria’s Melons
An Inspector Rabbit Adventure

Since the loss of her dearly beloved Prince Albert, the Queen has had little pleasure in her life. One of the small comforts she enjoys is sampling the variegate foods of her Empire. Now a ship, fresh from Africa, is has arrived with a cargo of rare melons that the Queen just has to try. She has even abandoned her retreat on the Isle of White to travel London to sample them as soon as possible,

But now they are missing. Last night they were unloaded and stored in a warehouse at London Docks. Next morning they were gone without trace. Sounds like a job for Inspector Rabbit and his team!

Notes: This game is based on the gritty, Victorian, police comedy TV series “Year of the Rabbit” – which, whilst a comedy, contains some adult content. Play as one of the Original Series Characters - Inspector Rabbit, Mabel Wisbech*, Wilbur Strauss, J. Merrick Esq. - The Elephant Man, Murky John - the Tosher or Flora - the Contract Killer.

*At least one sweary woman preferred.

System: THE CODE OF THE RABBIT - My own lightweight hisorical rules. Just 2d6, easy to play. But when you roll doubles, truly magical things start to happen.


Hmm... This does seem to be a little under-promoted this time, doesn't it?

For the record, as they're not up on the Web site yet, I'm offering the following games:

After the Alchemist's Accident

(Discworld RPG, 5 players)

Herr Doktor Hieronymus Prung, D.Alch (Mad), has just had a little accident. So his house no longer has a roof, the cellar is full of Things Man Was Not Meant To Want To Know, his cat is down a couple of lives, and the Doktor... is out. So, as his (surviving) domestic staff, you probably ought to clean up the mess.

It might have been better if Herr Doktor had hired staff on the basis of intelligence, or indeed had just hired the occasional carbon-based humanoid, but never mind - you know your duty. It's alchemical hazmat procedures you're a little unclear about.

The Day of the Clockwork Peelers

(GURPS Steampunk, 5 players)

It's London in the Nineteenth Century, but something, you feel, has gone very wrong. Law and Order is being handed over to machines, and nobody seems quite able to understand the how and why of the business.

The five of you are folk who don't like this, and you've all shown up for a meeting called by someone as seems to think that he might have a clue what's going on these days. He might even have an idea what to do about it. Trouble is, today may just be the day when the machines stop pretending they answer to human beings for what they do - and you may end up being the ones who stand against the Law of Clockwork.

A street-level steampunk adventure of resistance to the iron hand of oppression.