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Here are my games I am running at Seven Hills.

Seven Hills 2018, Garrison Hotel, 635 Penistone Road, Sheffield, S6 2GB
Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th March 2018

BigTrax and Magic Tricks
Tales from the Loop RPG
Saturday Afternoon Slot
For up to five players. Newbies welcome!
This news is even better than getting a brand new Sony Walkman, one of your childhood toys is actually based on a real British tank. A proper full sized Bigtrak on display at the County Show with more tanks, old steam engines, magnetrine ships, market stalls, and even a magic show. What could go wrong?

Tags: Player-led, Sci-Fi (Alt-History), Nostalgia Play, No Pre-gens, Rules-lite, Newbie Friendly.

Firefly: No Power in the ‘verse!
Firefly Cortex+
Saturday Evening Slot
For up to 7 players
“Now, there are those that live on the rim of civilisation that spend all their time looking outwards, into the black, and see the darkness. THE DARKNESS. Kind of darkness you can't even imagine. Blacker than the space it moves through.
This darkness, this other could be the darkness in a man’s soul though some it’s FROM BEYOND yet there isn’t anything other than man here and no power in the ‘verse mightier than a wad of cash!

Tags: 'Firefly' TV Show, 'Serenity' Film, Newbie Friendly, Character-driven.


First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
Staff member
Call from the North
Slot 4 & 5 (but players swap in and out fine)
3-5 Players

Others live out their lives hardly venturing beyond the lands around their village or steading, but you are different. Your vows will lead you to a life of heroism, danger, and sacrifice beyond the edges of civilised lands.

Swear your vow on iron, catch the attention of the old gods, and stride forth for glory!

Kinsmen to the North are calling to you, Ironsworn. Horrors from the deep have surfaced and murder, strife and chaos is the result. You are to take the perilous journey North to the outermost Tempest Hills, beyond any frontier. If you make it, you must test your iron against the oldest and most evil of foes. Should you survive your legend is assured.

Ironsworn is a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) where you play a hero sworn to complete dangerous quests in the Ironlands, a dark fantasy setting.
Blight on This Land

A swashbuckling quest for hope and renewal, in a world of dark fantasy horror.

A blight has swept across the land. Crops have failed. Livestock have fallen.

Where villages once stood are now silent wastelands. Towns that are not deserted are diseased.

Your families are dead. Your people - the last of the old faith - are all but wiped out.

For your dying culture, there is but one final hope. It is said it springs eternal in the fertile soils of the distant Earth Mother's heartland.

Go there, now, and return before the Festival of Rising.


System: Conspiracy of Shadows
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Swashbuckling, Horror
Players: 3-4
Slot: (TBC) 5: Sun 25 March, 2:30pm - 6pm
Content Advisory: 18+, sensitive themes
Tags: quest, genocide, war, religion, fertility, folklore
Media References: Witcher

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