My general incompetence

Ok, so I booked onto the Glorantha convention. There is a game running, in both morning and pm slots that is apparently the sequel or prequel to one I had already played. The booking requires you to list each game in order and the slots get assigned randomly. Cagily I put one as my number 1 slot and the other as my 3rd out of 10. However...... I got put on both. Then I found out it is actually the scenario I have played (to be fair the description doesn't tally.). So unless the lovely organisers do me a favour I am about to play the same scenario three times.
When did the games lists get sent out? I haven't received mine yet?

Which game is it that you've managed to book on 3 times?
A Canker in the Vale. The list was sent about a week ago. I think they were to randomly allocate non responders. There is a Facebook group. Glad to see someone has trumped me. I thought the only chance of that was if Chris Grayling was going.
I once had one of our IT Team leaders at my last day job reveal that he liked playing RPGs. "Oh yes?", I go. I was then regaled with a 15-minute monologue on how he liked playing Chaotic Neutral characters who liked to annoy the other party members up. I quickly walked away thinking, "pretty much the same behaviour you show at work" :D