[generic] Mystery incoming package

I have got 3 incoming packages from UPS scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

Problem is I have no idea what they are and they're going to the wrong address - a neighbouring business address - I guess someone must've selected the wrong address on a drop down.

UPS won't let me change anything online, won't let me call them, and I can't call whoever sent the package.

Just on the off-chance has anyone else received a UPS delivery notice today? Wondering if you're expecting any Kickstarters.
Mystery solved - I'm not being sent anything.

Finally managed to get through to UPS they've been sending out erroneous delivery notices to people on their system.


Rune Priest
Aw, that's a bit of damp squib ending.

Just to amuse you, I got an email from the Royal Mail this morning telling me the postman had been, and indeed when I went to the front door the post was there (there had been a Tracked 48 parcel put through the letterbox).