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I am planning to run Paul Elliot's Zenobia setting with the Mythras ruleset.

Where Rome meets the desert -
Rome crumbles, and here in the Desert Kingdoms there are tribes, cults, kings and queens that all want their piece. It is a lawless frontier, a world where the deserts are home to fierce Saracen tribes, lost cities, sphinx and scorpion-men. And where the cities teem with scheming princes, bandit kings and sinister cults. Opportunity and adventure are everywhere!
ZENOBIA is the fantasy roleplaying game of adventure and magic in the ancient world.
Paul has done it all bar the skills and spells for the cults, but I find the 2d6 version of RQ he was using rather clunky compared to a tried and trusted d100 game like Mythras. I considered OQ but I really fancy taking Mythras out for a drive.

Ideas? Suggested resources? Podcasts? Documentaries? Pictures? Interest in playing.. @Loz @nclarke @Ezio

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I'd certainly be extremely interested in playing. Hangouts/Discord is fine, I'd have to schedule around other on-line games I have on the calendar though. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are currently mostly free also occasional weekends and currently Friday evenings while my home group is on hiatus.


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Thank you chums. My plan is to Roll20 and Discord or GotoMeeting. Group character gen in a Session Zero.
First step would be to map the cults in Zenobia to the templates in Mythras (doddle) and then check appropriate combat styles.
I want a deity influenced game somewhat like Sun County, so folk magic and theist magic. Any shamans or sorcerers would be NPCs only. No mystics.
Romans (Latins and Greeks), Arabs, Hebrews, Persians, Egyptians.
Zoroastrians, various types of polytheism, Mithraic cults, Judaism, Christianity, even Mani might appear in cameo.
Oodles of tombs, lost cities, mythical beasts and all set against

An Empire In Turmoil

Session Zero whenever we can, then a full Sunday 2-10 with a break for tea?


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Sounds good to me - only problem is that we're away 2 weekends a month and we usually don't get back until around 6 on the Sunday.


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By the way, most of the sources above are about Arabic polytheism, only because I know Roman religion quite well already, and yes even that is different in the Levant