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First Age

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I haven't been keeping up with my mates' excellent creations.

What should I expect to see in this @Loz ?

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Mythras Companion (TDM111) - 56 pages, softcover POD and PDF, ($14.99/$5.99), Colour

A compilation of additional rules and mechanics for Mythras, taken from several previous supplements and created specially for the Companion itself. Inside you will find rules for tactical combat using a battlegrid and miniatures; rules for sanity and corruption; abstract rules for vehicles of all kinds; a brand new system for resolving social conflict; and detailed rules for handling pursuits and chases.

The Mythras Companion is a handy resource for every Mythras GM, with plenty of new material to enhance your scenarios and campaigns.

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Loads of good stuff in the Companion. The material on Social conflicts is worth the price alone. Also useful is the material on running with miniatures (tactical combat) rather than TotM although the original RQ6 appendix did this better I think. It's one of the most discussed thing with the interaction between AP's and movement causing no end of issues with people coming from other games where figures are mandatory.


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I would like to sort out a tactical model for those times when I want to get out the lead.
My mind is also mulling over the fixed action point option where all PCs and/or NPCs get 2 or 3 APs as a fixed sum.