[generic] New Taxonomy for RPGS

Any better ideas for mental health, or maybe that's it, just drop the word problems
Maybe just call it Sanity Mechanics or Psychological Impact or something like that? Few games simulate actual mental health problems, and many amount of players will suffer or have suffered or have family suffering from real world mental health problems, so I'd avoid that term.
In the bring and buy.

Well, yes - I'd agree with that should I ever end up with them. I was wondering where they would sit in the proposed taxonomy being effectively all genres.

Hmm, I'd add another genre/classification (or 2) to cover generic games like GURPS or FUDGE and all genre games like Torgg or Lords of Creation. I wouldn't lump them together, myself.
Running the risk of premise rejection, this classifies genre only, not play-style, is that right? So (to stick with the post immediately above me) GURPS, TORG, Fate and Universalis would all be in the same category - I'm not sure how helpful that is. It feels a bit like most indie/non-trad games are going to be disenfranchised by this - if your taxonomy either excludes these games or lumps them in with games of the same genre (so that WoD Vampire and Urban Shadows are in the same box) I'm not sure how useful it is generally.


The Guvnor
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This is to replace the current genres from novels and films. So let's step back and ask how GURPS or FATE are classified by that approach. They are not.

So a universal game is always going to have to be classified by genre.

So GURPS Traveller is Futurist maybe Hard Science.
FATE Dresden Files is Contemporary Occult.

Is Universalist actually a type/tag as opposed to a genre?

I think indie RPGs will do very well under this approach in that they are usually very specific.
In fact I suggest that this might very well make it fun to create indie games from a random table.