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Thanks for this. They’ve run a successful board games day before - 40ish people - and are just testing their toes in the TTRPG pond and were wondering how to promote it. I’ll probably pop along. It’s an interesting date.

(Even if it will trump SCJ as the 1st games day of year!)
Hi everyone thanks for the mention. It’s myself organising this day in conjunction with the venue. This is the first time we’ve put together an RPG day, As mentioned before I’ve run a few boardgame events but thought it would be interesting to try out a role playing day. Having not offered up one of these events before it’s all a bit of an unknown, but you have to start somewhere! I’d appreciate any advice you might have. Btw Simon we have met briefly, I was Dr McCoy in the game you ran at Concrete Cow in September.

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A few thoughts on running cons...

Work out the scope of what you are wanting to achieve and ensure that if there are any financial costs, such as room hire, that you can cover them comfortably, independently of numbers of attendees to the planned event. Research that what you are planning is wanted and that people want to come.

Start small and explore how to grow if it is a success. Or, start small and stay small if that is what you want. Create a convention where you and your fellow organisers can also enjoy the play. Get a good and affordable venue that provides comfortable space for the games. Don't get involved in accommodation or feeding, leave that to the venue and surrounding area. Check the conventions that are already advertised to see where your event might fit with others and if there are any local clashes.

Think about your inclusivity policy and how you are going to support people to feel safe gaming together. Use social media, forums and free shareable online document tools to help manage the advertising, communications and administration.

Above all I'd say just have a go, which you are! 😀 It is very rewarding and lots of fun. The basics are not complicated. Several tables for people to play with GMs and game offerings. Your job is to make the whole event as smooth and easy for everyone to focus on having fun.
1) dig deep into the Concrete Cow website. Find its inclusion/anti-harassment policies. Copy them. Read them. Amend them to suit you. And tell everyone you follow them. Easy to do but soooo useful. We run a simple Games day like yours with wonderful mature attendees and I’ve still had to use the policies.

2) IF there are any financial considerations, consider saying the con is raising money for charity. Allows you to slightly overcharge and build in a safety buffer. If in addition you decide to offer a raffle (urgh!) ask me to pull the tickets because it won’t delay the gaming.

3) think carefully about how you want to handle games and signups. You’re now the first TTRPG games DAY of the year (taking OUR crown, grrrr), so you should be planning now. If you’ve want further advice on the options, feel free to ask. I could write a book on it.