[D&D] Numenera for D&D5e fully confirmed (in latest Kickstarter update)

So Monte Cook has been regularly leveraging his brand name and IP to entrap fans, from the original Cypher engine game: Numenera, to its Boxset collector's edition, to the Numenera Discovery and Destiny (Numenera 1.5e so to speak), and finally, *drum roll* Numenera powered by Dungeons and Dragons rules.

This latest Kickstarter was initially pitched to just bring the themes of Science Fantasy to D&D. But the latest update will introduce the Ninth World Numenera setting to be powered by D&D5e. The name is "Arcana of the Ancients: Beneath the Monolith" but all the statements in the Kickstarter update confirm this book is actually Numenera for D&D5e.

Quoting the text:
But wait, that’s not all! We’ve seen a lot of comments, requests, and questions, here on this Kickstarter and in places like EN World and reddit, regarding the Ninth World setting of Numenera. A lot of people have expressed interest in using Arcana of the Ancients to run a Numenera campaign using the 5e rules. To be honest, that’s an idea we’ve been interested in, too. So let’s make it a stretch goal.