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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
In this Game you are on Earth in a very distant future, in the Ninth World. You are living in this age, using the technologies of the previous ages. Most of the people look at these technologies as if they are magical.

The world itself is strange and wonderful; the Game is about discovering these wonders. Look to the horizon – is that a mountain or part of an impossible monument to the forgotten emperor of a lost people? Feel that subtle vibration beneath your feet and know that ancient engines – vast machines the size of kingdoms – still operate in the bowels of the earth.

The people of the Ninth World mostly humans, although not all that call themselves human truly are. There are likewise abhumans: mutants, crossbreeds, genetically engineered, and their offspring. And then there are the visitants, who are not native to the earth but who now call the Ninth World home, and who have no more understanding of the past (even their own) than anyone else.

Forests of crystal shards, cities supported on beams of power, brave Glaives, the various types of Numenera, knowledgeable Aeon Priests, strange flora and fauna, dangerous Nanos, mysterious ruins pulsating with hidden energies, cunning Jacks, and a thousand other things make the Ninth World and exciting and dangerous place.

Basic Rules
1. Only the players roll the dice (d20)
2. Everything has a Level. The target number to equal or beat is 3 x Level.
3. You can do various things to reduce the Level before rolling. If the level is reduced to 0 then you succeed automatically.
4. Rolling 19-20 is good. Rolling 17-18 in combat is also good. Rolling 1 is BAD (something nasty happens to you).
5. GM Intrusions – the GM can make something “interesting” happen to you, but you get XP for it.



Characters are defined as follows:

(Name) is a (Descriptor) (Type) who (Focus).

The Descriptor, Type and Focus defines your characters abilities

E.g: Sica Sendrillar is a Driven Jack who Fuses Flesh and Steel