[none] [Paranoia] Has anyone tried the new Mongoose Paranoia?

Has anyone tried the new Mongoose Paranoia?
What's it like?
How does it compare to previous versions of Paranoia? (in particular, how does it compare to 1st, 2nd and XP which are the ones I know)
What are the core mechanics like?
I have read it a couple of times, but not yet taken it to the table.

I had a chat with a couple of players who did play it at the Student Nationals in Bradford and the key feedback seemed to be about the cards. The consensus seemed to be that the game ran well until the cards came out in full force - i.e. combat - and they couldn't understand what they were adding to the game.

I'll reserve judgement until such time as I get that opportunity at the table.


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I'm cut to the quick. I shall have to have a lie down in a darkened room. Such barbed words cast so lightly.
I'm talking about the new little white box version, not the previous Mongoose versions (of which I have no experience).

I found 2nd Edition much more streamlined and easier to GM than first (which I had a blast with when I was at secondary school), and I picked this new version with a degree of nostalgia whilst overcoming an issue I had with one of the developers.

I enjoyed reading it but it didn't give me the urge to run it that some games do, which was a shame because I can imagine that it would be a good convention game. The format of the game is fun (but I would say that being a long-term Traveller fan) I need to read it again and see if I can feel the XXXXREDACTEDREPORTFOTERMINATIONXXXX.