Pathfinder 2 - Company of Heroes set in Midgard

First Age

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I've had some fun flitting about on setting and adventures for my online Pathfinder 2e game. The obvious choice is Golarion, the Paizo Pathfinder setting, which comes prepared with lore, Adventure Paths, all ready to go. That is really appealing as the material is top notch and has that 'ready to go' quality.

I also have Kobold Press' Midgard world book and of course the amazing online map, which can be found here: I'm really taken with Midgard and think I'd like to save myself some attractive expense and use the PDFs that I have to forge a nice Pathfinder online game.

The Zobeck Crossroads - starting location of the campaign​
Of course, much of what I have is all prepared with D&D 5e in mind, so there would be some considerable conversion to do and a chance to work out some of the mechanical depth of Pathfinder on the way. A final encourager was the suggestion of using the online monster creator for Pathfinder 2: I had expected to do a light touch spirit conversion, but with this online tool, using the Monster Creator guidance released early from the Gamemastery Guide, it is pretty easy to take the CR (level) of the 5e stat block and build a Pathfinder equivalent with the right number ranges. The tool has some great output options, including a formatted PDF.

Converting the abilities, weaknesses, immunities and other factors will help to hone my understanding as to how Pathfinder represents these factors in the game, so sharpening my knowledge of the game.

So far I think I will be running adventures in and about the Margreve Forest, at least as a start.

Exciting and diverting.

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