Pirates of Drinax 1: A Chance of Glory

It’s been a long time since the last Old Musky session, and after some discussion and an acknowledgement that this group are pirates at heart, not well suited to playing a naval patrol, we agreed to reboot the campaign in the Trojan Reach, which as a published sector rich in adventures should be less work for me.

There are eight players; two of the PCs are freshly generated, three are pregens from the core rulebook and the starter set, and three are recycled from the Old Musky campaign because why not. I plan to split the players into two groups of four, running in alternate weeks.

Aboard the Harrier: Brigadier Lennox Kirrin, military adviser to King Oleb; Dr Anthony Sanpo, Chief Planetologist of Drinax; John Sanders, engineer; Jack Harper, scavenger. It pleases me that the Doctor and the Brigadier are in the same team – obviously the others are the Doctor’s companions.

About the-whatever-Wivel’s-scoutship-is-called: Dr Moon Moon, Vargr physician; unnamed survey scout; unnamed Vargr pilot; Senior Scout Wivel.

NPCs encountered to date: King Oleb of Drinax (played by Brian Blessed); Crown Princess Rao of Drinax (played by Scarlet Johannsen); Rachando, free trader who runs an emporium on Drinax (played by Michael Emerson).

The first session was heavy on exposition as the players explained who their characters are and why they are here, learned about Drinax and its neighbours, and met the local rulers. Having broken the news to King Oleb that [a] Drinax is not going to be habitable again anytime soon (Dr Sanpo) and Drinax’s military is well-equipped but neither large nor well-trained, the Travellers were secretly commissioned as privateers by King Oleb of Drinax as part of a plan to restore the Kingdom to its former glory. This plan requires them to befriend worlds while harassing shipping and minimising civilian casualties.

Team Harrier has been lent a ship to execute the plan – but it’s a “fixer-upper”. Their first task is to find the raiders who recently struck the nearby worlds of Torpol and Clarke and take them back to face justice. The Harrier is distinctive to the point of being almost unique, so their ability to undertake covert missions is limited.

The other lot are in a ubiquitous Type S scout/courier, so much easier to hide. They will be sent off towards Noricum, to find the descendants of the Sindalian Emperor and persuade them to acknowledge Drinax as the Empire’s rightful successor.

GM Notes

Team Harrier are starting the first adventure of the Pirates of Drinax, which worked well when I ran it over the summer for the crew of the Rattenbury Ghost, and the others are going to scope out the Sindal Subsector and play through the premade adventure seeds in the core rulebook.

I had sworn off running multiple parties in the same setting, but it seems to be happening again anyway, in the Trojan Reach this time; the crew of the Rattenbury Ghost have been there since the summer, and the VTT group started last weekend. Perhaps there will be fewer problems if they are in larger, pregenerated campaign setting? Let’s find out.

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The Guvnor
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I have run this.
It's a bit loopy as a premise but very rich in opportunities for very OTT SF fun.
Of course Oleb is Brian Blessed