Pirates of Drinax, Episode 16: Treasures of Sindal, Part 2

Drinax, 1107 Weeks 49-52

While the Lady Mary is being overhauled, the crew enjoy some leave. This was a quiet session, heavy on dice-free roleplaying, in which the main party worked the crowd to learn the current court gossip, and were present at the opening of Professor haut-Belzoni’s ancient Sindalian message globe. They had already solved the mystery of the message globes, and know what to do but not which planet to do it on.

They’ve established, or strengthened, relationships with a number of major NPCs, chiefly Prince Harrick, Kasiyl of the Ahroay’if, and Sal Dancet; as a result they’ve learned that Princess Rao is sneaking off to Asim when no-one is looking, there are ihatei massing on Kteiroa, and an Imperial Navy Punitive Flotilla is expected to come pirate-hunting in the Reach shortly.

Stoner meanwhile allowed himself to be seduced by Dai Kinnear, first mate on the aslan freighter which brought the Professor to Drinax, and between that and haut-Belzoni’s big mouth, the group now has rivals racing them to the treasures of Sindal.

GM Notes

This is the point where we switch over to the secondary party, who are less wealthy and also less law-abiding. The crew of the Lady Mary will now head off spinward at the speed of plot to follow up on the treasure of Sindal, which will take them towards Thebus and Number One – no need to revisit Noricum as they’ve already found the clues there. We will zoom back in on them once the second party gets to a suitable break point.

Meanwhile the second team will first investigate Kteiroa and the ihatei camp there, which is likely to be time-critical, and then move off towards Cordan to set up what is effectively an intelligence network in that cluster of systems.

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