Power Out


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Coffee by Gas Hob...
Storm Ciara is passing over the UK right now, and has successfully taken out the power here in Wetherby. It was restored briefly, but quickly tripped out again. Fortunately, we still have gas so we aren’t lacking for heat or coffee! It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes them to restore the system. I’m going to use the afternoon to play games with the kids, read and do a bit of preparation for the upcoming Revelation convention at the Garrison in a fortnight.

9 February 2020​

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Rune Priest
We’re in Corby this weekend, and so far we’re OK. The band of horizontal rain came over about an hour ago, but it’s cleared off now. The drive home later on will be interesting; at least I’m now officially working at home on Mondays as well as Fridays. I dread to think of what’s got blown down in the garden.


Rune Priest
We eventually got home - the A14 was closed from junctions 10-13. Apparently, a lorry had been blown over. Too dark to see much, but the bins were in situ still (normally they get blown around) but it's possible our neighbours put them back. There had been a power cut, though it was back one when we got home.